Joseph is currently assembling a collection of stories, essays and screenplays in a soon to be published eBook entitled A Dark Place Born. Stay tuned for production updates. Meanwhile, samples of his work are available below.

  • Featured Story

One Wish (A Fable)

A man is given a wish by Death. He is not greedy and does not want money. He is not lustful and does not ask for women. He does not seek power and so does not ask for it. The one thing he wished for was to live forever. Death claims that it simply cannot grant that wish, but the man insists. Death grants it to him. As time goes on his joy turns to madness. His great gift a plague upon all the memories he can recall. Decades and then a century pass and then a bicentennial. Eventually, he just began celebrating every quarter century, until a thousand years had passed. He remembers the few women he loved, but eventually passed on. And he remembers his wife who died before he gained his immortal wish. And now, if he had his chance to make that wish all over again, he would ask for something else. He would ask that upon his own departure from this world, he would reunite with his wife. Indeed, it was that…that simple thing…he should have asked for that all along. But his selfish temptation led him to repeat his folly over and over again, from century to century, only to recap every day, his own tormenting desire to be free from his one wish.



  • What Won’t Go Away
  • Tulpenwoede
  • Split
  • Excuse Me
  • Don’t You Tell Me
  • The Lake
  • That Which Is No Longer Satisfactory
  • For Just a Few Frantic Moments
  • Anthrax Island


Feature-Length Screenplays

  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Moral Choices
  • Lost in Place
  • Body Dumps
  • Dreams


Short Stories

  • The Divinity of Beauty
  • The Reunion
  • The Discovery
  • Reminiscent of a Teenage Girl
  • Thugs
  • Maniac


Non-Fiction Essays

  • Biography of the Kennedy Administration
  • Politics, Religion and Violence in Our World
  • The Rise of the Summer Blockbuster
  • Film Critic: Formalism vs Realism, Golden Age of Hollywood & Exploitation in Cinema
  • A Review of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”
  • The Relationship Between Art, Creativity and Mental Illness 
  • How the Other Half Lives: Living Conditions in America at Turn of the 20th Century 
  • Do Guardian Angels Really Exist?




© Joseph R. Granato, 2019

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