J. Granato

Joseph R. Granato was born in New York. He lived in Miami for twenty-five years and in 2012 moved to Brussels, Belgium. He relocated to the Washington D.C. area with his wife and two sons in the summer of 2015. Joseph and his family returned to Europe in 2019.  They now live in Paris, France. He has both a law degree and a film degree and currently acts as a consultant for a Brussels-based law firm and as the communications manager for an international alliance of eminent labor and employment law firms. He has been writing poems, short stories and screenplays since he was a teenager. He has also written, produced and directed more than a dozen short films. Joseph received the Best Director award at the West Palm Beach Film Festival in 2001 for his short film A Rare Case of Rejection. He has publishing credits in several books of poetry including the Best Poetry of 2001 and the Best Poetry of 2002 by the International Society of Poets, Theatre of the Mind by Noble House Publisher (2003) as well as the International Who’s Who in Poetry 2012 by Poetry Productions. His debut novel, Cemetery Tales, was published in 2015. Published in 2016, Joseph’s collection of poetry, Complications, spans more than twenty years of writing. He is currently working on a new novel, Chasing Enlightenment, which he plans to release in 2020. Joseph is also very active in his community, having served for several years as Committee Chair for the local BSA Cub Scouts Pack, and as Assistant Coach with Fairfax Little League of Virginia. Joseph is also a strong supporter and member of the American Film Institute.

Cemetery Tales is available from Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other popular eBook retailers.

Cemetery Tales

Joseph’s poetry anthology, Complications, is available from Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other popular eBook retailers.


If you are interested in learning more about Joseph’s work contact him at joegranato@msn.com.




© Joseph R. Granato, 2019

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