Joseph began making movies when he was 16 years old. Since then he has written, produced and directed more than a dozen short films. In 1999, he interned with Haxan Films and assisted the producers and directors in various stages of production for the Sci-Fi Channel special Curse of the Blair Witch as well as the theatrical release of The Blair Witch Project. In 2000, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Pictures from the University of Central Florida. His thesis film Tulpenwoede was selected as the opening film for his graduating class at Disney’s MGM Studios in Orlando.


  • Engaging the Enemy Producer
  • I Like It Producer
  • A Rare Case of Rejection Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • Tulpenwoede Writer, Producer and Director
  • Moment Under the Sun Producer
  • An Obscene Democracy Editor
  • Excuse Me Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • Two Drunken Fools and Their Idol Producer, Director and Editor
  • For Just A Few Frantic Moments Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • The Tell-Tale Heart Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • A Perfect Afternoon Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • Split Writer, Producer, Director and Editor
  • Red Badge of Courage Writer, Producer and Director
  • Hop-Frog Writer, Producer and Director
  • A Feast of Friends Writer, Producer and Director



A satire on mass hysteria, inspired by true events.


A young man with a peculiar fetish seeks a mate.


A throwback to archetypal film noir.


A gritty interpretation of the classic tale.



A character study in madness.





© Joseph R. Granato, 2019

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