Cemetery Tales

Cemetery Tales

Cemetery Tales is an action-packed mystery and adventure story set in a remote village at the turn of the twentieth century. More than a dozen children have gone missing, throwing the townspeople into a continual state of panic. Ben, a brave twelve-year-old boy whose sister is one of the missing, believes a vampire is responsible for the disappearances. He teams with a younger boy named Henry, Mr. Jameson, the most revered man in the township, and Alexander, a dashing aristocrat in search of his beloved Andria, who has recently been kidnapped by the dreaded vampire Guilshire. Faced with a cunning and punishing adversary, relentlessly testing his courage, Ben struggles to preserve his faith and continue on his quest to find his sister and bring an end to Guilshire’s centuries-old reign of terror, before the vampire succeeds in his efforts to destroy the village. Cemetery Tales is a unique interpretation of the popular vampire genre, unlike anything previously published.

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As an eBook, Cemetery Tales is viewable in a digital format on Tablets, Computers, Smartphones and eReaders.




© Joseph R. Granato, 2019

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